We Believe in Dinosaurs

In We Believe in Dinosaurs the Bible and science collide at a Kentucky creationism museum’s humongous $120 million Noah’s Ark-inspired theme park. Featuring incredible access to the Ark’s preparation, this thought-provoking documentary unfolds through the eyes of several Kentuckians: Doug, who creates lifelike animals for the Ark; Dan, a geologist who blows the whistle on the Ark’s discriminatory hiring practices; David, a former creationist who now blogs critically about the beliefs he used to hold; and atheist activist Jim Helton, who led a protest rally outside the Ark’s opening. At its core, the film explores the roots of our beliefs and world-views.

Role: Editorial Consultant
Status: Released (2020)
Director: Clayton Brown & Monica Long Ross

PBS Broadcast: Feb 17, 2020 on Independent Lens
Website: https://www.webelieveindinosaurs.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeBelieveInDinosaurs/

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