North Branch

15068413_692161034294966_4456961325320989945_oA short film celebrating the incredible canoe racing career of Jerry and Jeff Kellogg.

Throughout the 1970s, brothers Jerry and Jeff Kellogg of Muskegon, Michigan were a force to be reckoned with in the sport of marathon canoe racing. Growing up along the north branch of the Au Sable River as second generation paddlers, the brothers won their first local race as teenagers and never looked back. The brothers took home consecutive wins in the 120 mile Au Sable Canoe Marathon; all while battling 15 hours of steady paddling through the night. Their contribution to the sport of canoe racing set new standards for racers to come with over a decade worth of top 5 finishes.

Role: Editor
Status: Released (2018)
Directors: Andrew J. Morgan and Nick Nummerdor
Producers: Nick Nummerdor, Andrew J. Morgan, Kolee Kellogg Jungers, Matt Lauterbach


Watch Online: North Branch on Amazon Prime

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