It Is No Secret: The Life and Inspiration of Reverend Clay Evans

Known as the “pastor of pastors”,
Dr. Reverend Clay Evans was a leader in the Civil Rights movement, an award-winning Gospel Music artist, a trailblazer in broadcast ministry, and a mentor to many other ministers.

This 26-minute tribute video interweaves existing oral history interviews, archival photos, television broadcasts, and Gospel choir performances into a celebration of this legendary spiritual leader.

Role: Editor
Status: Released (2018)
Director: Ines Sommer
Producer: Patty Nolan-Fitzgerald

Premiere: Chicago’s Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church on June 25, 2017 in celebration of Rev. Evans’ 92nd birthday

Broadcast: May 18, 2018 on WTTW Chicago

Watch Online:–and-ampInspiration-of-Rev-Clay-Evans/

Related artifacts, photos, and oral history interviews are now all housed at the Chicago Public Library’s Rev Clay Evans Archive, where they will be accessible to the general public for decades to come.


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