’63 Boycott

Boycotts_HD-1HR_0286‘63 Boycott chronicles the Chicago Public School Boycott of 1963.  More than 200,000 Chicagoans, mostly students, marched to protest the segregationist policies of CPS Superintendent Benjamin Willis, who placed mobile school units on playgrounds and parking lots as a “permanent solution” to overcrowding in black schools. The project will offer a modern perspective on the impact and legacy of this forgotten history 50 years later as it reconnects the participants to each other and the event itself.

Role: Additional Editor
Status: Released (2017)
Director: Gordon Quinn
Production Company: Kartemquin Films

Website: http://63boycott.kartemquin.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/63Boycott

Sneak Peak: “Today is Freedom Day”


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